Stay Ahead of the Competition With Cybersecurity-as-a-Service

What do Yahoo, Target, Facebook, Equifax and Marriott all have in common? They’ve all been breached. In today’s marketplace, the ubiquity of cyberattacks is undeniable. Norton is expecting that “Cybercriminals will steal an estimated 33 billion records in 2023.” That’s almost triple what was predicted in 2018.

What most office equipment dealers that sell IT don’t realize is what this means for them and their businesses. Since many of the top companies have already had billions of records compromised, guess where cybercriminals have shifted their focus? Small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs).

However, most SMBs assume that since they’re small, they’re not worth attacking, but unfortunately, this is precisely what makes them the ideal target. But what does that have to do with an office equipment dealer?


It’s become your duty to protect customers from cyberattacks

Your customer is looking for one, sole provider to handle all of their IT and managed services needs. This includes printing services and  cybersecurity. Your customers don’t want to become experts in printing, cybersecurity, cloud IT services and the rest of modern business technology. They want one technology expert who can handle all of their technology needs and if you aren’t offering a comprehensive IT services bundle, it’s only a matter of time before your competitors will.

You’ve never had a better opportunity to expand your business

Office equipment dealers that have been in business for a long time have done one thing very well: they’ve forged strong relationships with customers. In fact, office equipment dealers are exceptionally good at nurturing customer relationships, and those who’ve stood the test of time may have even gotten their customers to consider you an expert that they can rely on for expertise.

And you’ve never had a better opportunity to demonstrate that expertise.

According to the National Cyber Security Alliance, “60 percent of SMBs that are hacked go out of business within six months.” To put it another way, by providing a cybersecurity-as-a-service solution to your customers you have the opportunity to protect all of your customers from making catastrophic, business-ending errors.

Imagine what you’d do for a provider who saves your business from going out of business?

Would you trust them more?

Would you trust their technology recommendations?

Would you purchase everything you possibly could from them?

In sum, there has never been a better time for you to revitalize your company and to secure your foothold as their technology expert they can depend on to keep them ahead of the curve.

How to add cybersecurity-as-a-service to your services bundle by making three simple decisions

Adding cybersecurity-as-a-service to your services bundle doesn’t have to be complicated. In essence, there are only three simple decisions you have to make.

  1. Define your offering

So, here’s some more good news. Most cybersecurity offerings have become obsolete. IT providers who offer the standard data backup, antivirus, malware protection, OS security/update patching and managed firewall packages are no longer good enough.

The ideal offering includes:

  • Managed firewall
  • Data backup
  • Dark Web monitoring
  • Endpoint protection
  • DNS filtering
  • Multifactor authentication
  • Password management
  • Security awareness training/phishing simulator
  • Network vulnerability and security scan
  • Security operations center

If you can offer these services to your customers their organizations are dramatically more secure.

  1. Market to customers

More good news here. Major media outlets have been reporting major data breaches for the past several years and SMB business owners are aware of the urgency for cybersecurity. The opportunity? They’re undereducated and in need of an expert.

This is where you can leverage your strong relationships you’ve built over decades. By taking an educational perspective on your marketing, you can solidify your position as an authority and expert simply by informing them of what’s happening in this area of their business. By being the first one to educate them on how they can secure their organization and their customers from cyberthreats, positions you as a proactive, capable organization that they already would prefer to do business with because they’ve already benefitting from working with you in the past.

  1. Use a proven sales process

We have developed a proven sales process that works so well, we’ll even share it with you so you can try it for yourself and witness how quickly the results show up.

The first step is to run a Dark Web scan. This will tell you if any of your customers have already had their company passwords/network compromised.

The next step is to call your compromised customers and say something like this, “Hi Brent, you’ve been a long-time customer of ours and out of courtesy, I ran a Dark Web scan for you.” They probably won’t know what the Dark Web is, but here’s how to fill them in: “I’m not sure if you understand or know what the Dark Web is but it appears that your network has been hacked into and passwords have been compromised and put on the Dark Web for sale … this is the nasty part of the internet.” Then you can offer to help them with that.

Of course, there are more nuances we’ve taught our clients that can get up to an 85% close ratio on these types of appointments, but even by following this sales process, an office equipment dealer can immediately grow the IT sector of their business. By using a proven process like this, not only can you secure the appointment, but you can immediately position yourself as an authority who has earned their trust. At that point, you’ve proven your expertise to them and this is when they’ll start thanking you for reaching out.

Cybersecurity-as-a-service basically sells itself and if you embrace this opportunity, you can set yourself up for a more profitable future. But inaction, will inevitably lead to the same results.

If you’d like to increase your profitability while getting back to focusing on your vision, strategic decisions and planning for an even brighter future, this is an invitation to add cybersecurity-as-a-service to your services bundle.

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Brian Suerth is President of Technology Assurance Group (TAG). Contact him at or call (858) 946-2112.