What’s Up at Ray Morgan Company

What’s up with Ray Morgan, you ask? I had the opportunity to visit their Chico headquarters recently to get the scoop. Away we go!

The beginning of it all.
Chris Scarff
Chris Scarff pointing out RMC’s geographical expansion

Chris Scarff, RMC’s EVP, led off the tour by explaining that the Ray Morgan Company (RMC) was started in 1956 by Ray Morgan himself. In a little more than 60 years, the company has experienced incredible growth. Since getting its start in Chico, RMC has expanded into 18 locations across California and Nevada, reaching annual revenues of nearly $120 million. At the moment, the company employs over 480 people, including 200 service professionals, to serve their 40,000+ customers spread out across 25,000 different organizations.

Currently, RMC is the second-largest independent Canon dealer in the U.S., and one of the fastest-growing Ricoh dealers. According to Scarff, over 70 percent of all MFPs placed by RMC bear a Canon or Ricoh emblem. The company also caters to wide format and digital production print needs and has also seen success in their refurbished copier division.

But RMC is much more than a copier dealer. With a solutions portfolio including products from HP, OCE, Laserfiche, Crexendo, Uniflow, Nuance, PaperCut, XMedius, Samsung and Kyocera the company offers everything from document management, workflow and security solutions to managed IT, print and output services. And recently, the company has even added Pure Water Technology to their treasure chest, offering a healthier and greener way for customers to quench their thirst.

Ray Morgan water
Good water.

Where the magic happens

Our first stop was the showroom. When RMC first moved into the space, Scarff said, the showroom was packed with devices, but today’s customer doesn’t require that many hardware demos anymore. “Ninety percent of our demos are software,” he said. RMC’s approach is unique, since the technical team can drive demos from the conference room, while an outside rep who is on-site can get a read on the customer. “We’re seeing the body language, we’re communicating, and, of course, we’re on premises and can see what they’ve got deployed already,” said Kristen Sparkes, RMC’s business process optimization specialist.

Next, we made our way into the dispatch room, where people, not machines, manned phones. “We don’t have any kind of recordings or anything like that,” said Scarff. Sure, RMC could save a few bucks with an automated system. But Scarff is happy to pay a little bit extra when it comes to delivering excellent customer service.

When we got to RMC’s marketing department, I was very surprised by the amount of dedicated manpower. But it wasn’t just the headcount — it was how they utilize their talents that was even more impressive. RMC employs their own video production professionals to create marketing content, which makes them the only copier dealer that I am aware of that does so (If you are reading this and you also have an in-house team – I want to know about it!). In fact, when we arrived, RMC’s video production crew was hard at work on the company’s latest marketing campaign. “We do a lot of video work for sales reps that are sent via telemarketers trying to get that initial appointment,” said Shawn Dyer (Director of Video Production), a member of RMC’s marketing team. “It’s most engaging. People prefer to watch video over anything text or image-based — video scores are just way higher.”

Our last stop was the warehouse. RMC uses every last bit of their 24,000-square foot building 1 and 10,000-square foot building 2, which is also home to the company’s refurb and IT departments, to store equipment and supplies as well as house personnel (and a gym).

Ray Morgan warehouse

Our first stop in the warehouse was the refurb department. The department has come a long way, according to Scarff. 20 years ago, he said, when something would come in, they’d take a look and say, “That looks pretty good. Can we clean this up? Can we sell this?” But now, the company has stricter standards for what they’ll touch. “We have a very low meter cut off,” said Scarff. “We want it to be only one or two years old, and we won’t go back more than one generation.”

Next, we headed to the IT department. RMC’s IT division is segmented into four groups. Group 1, RMCe, is responsible for MFP installs and all related software related to copiers and printers.  Group 2 is the Electronic Content Management group whose main software solution is Laserfiche.  Group 3 is the Managed IT Team which is the fastest growing segment of RMC.  The fourth belongs to an internal group that supports all the RMC offices.

Wait – there’s more!

It has been 62 years since the Ray Morgan Company came on the scene, and it’s been an impressive half-century. They’ve been able to evolve with the times, expanding their portfolio to include managed services and solutions that address their customers’ greatest needs. In the next blog installment we are going to take a deeper look at the unique factors that have facilitated RMC’s growth. Stay tuned.

Ray Morgan truck
Ray Morgan’s commitment to the environment extends to the type of vehicles they drive.


Patricia Ames

Patricia Ames

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