by Aaron Dyck | 1/26/16

Nearly one in eight jobs in the U.S. are full-time sales positions, but according to a study conducted by Caliper Corporation, more than 55 percent of salespeople lack the necessary skills to be successful. Providing proper training to your sales team can help boost effectiveness as well as productivity, making it possible for you to outsell your competitors. 

But, as every salesperson comes into the role with a different background and varied experience, it can be difficult to know how to train your team so that they all have the same skill set. Using a unified training approach will ensure that all of your sales reps have the tools they need to meet (and beat) company sales goals.

With on-demand video-based training sessions, it’s easy to give your entire sales team the training they need. Services like these allow employees to attend important training sessions online when it’s convenient for them, learning the most up-to-date sales tactics without pulling them out of the field. And, by using the same training platform for the entire sales team, managers can easily monitor progress for all employees, offering additional help to struggling salespeople such as participant quizzes, so managers can pinpoint who needs help and which skills need reinforcement.

This integrated technique offers additional benefits to the sales organization. Because each salesperson is exposed to the same techniques, group collaboration and brainstorming is enhanced, creating a cohesive sales force that can work productively together for the common good of the company.

Studies have shown that it can take more than 10 months for a new sales rep to become fully productive. At the same time, continuous training can boost sales by almost 50 percent, proving that training is important at all stages of a sales career.


Aaron Dyck of Digitek is passionate about helping business owners to increase profitable revenue by leveraging the right technologies and best practices across the solutions sales cycle. Well-known in the industry for over a decade, Aaron works with independent dealers and large organizations across North America. He was recognized as an elite Young Influencer by the Cannata Report for the office equipment industry. Visit for more information about training solutions that will unify your sales team with valuable sales skills and increase profitable revenue for your organization.

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