LMI Provides Dealers With Elite R2 Certified Recycling

June 3, 2014, Phoenix, Arizona – LMI Solutions, a manufacturer, distributor and recycler of award winning replacement toner cartridges has received the prestigious R2 recycling certification in recognition of LMI’s strict adherence to tracking and accountability of cartridge returns throughout the entire chain of custody of their remanufacturing process.

Responding to dealer demand and the growing concern over data security and responsible electronics recycling, LMI Solutions successfully completed the process of becoming R2 Certified which can immediately be leveraged by dealers using LMI’s exclusive Zero Landfill Recycling Services.  This R2 designation means that LMI Solutions has passed a multi-day inspection of their Phoenix remanufacturing facility and process, and was found to be in compliance with the requirements of the R2 Standard.  The R2 Standard was developed by the EPA, major manufacturers and recyclers to protect the environment, workers, and personal data and is the most comprehensive global standard for promoting the responsible management for end-of-life electronic equipment. 

LMI’s R2 certification includes the following industry exclusives:

 ·        R2 Certified remanufacture process accompanied by a full recycling process.

·        Complete Zero Landfill reclamation solution that turns cartridges into aftermarket commodities for reuse

·        One of a kind R2 recycling process that does not utilize less desirable forms of disposal, such as exportation or incineration waste to energy.

 “Our dealers are telling us that their customers purchasing decisions continue to place more emphasis on sustainability, and as such, our R2 certification gives LMI dealers an immediate competitive advantage” stated Kevin Willert, Director of Sustainability for LMI Solutions. “Now we can share this R2 certification with our dealers in combination with our Zero Landfill recycling services to provide end users an undisputed leadership position when it comes to sustainability”

For over 20 years LMI has pioneered toner cartridge recycling practices that maximize meaningful reuse and recovery while minimizing environmental impact, providing a high quality cost effective alternative to OEM cartridges.  

 To date, LMI has prevented over 10 million toner cartridges from disposal in landfill sites throughout North America and reduced energy and resource consumption by over 400% versus energy required to manufacture a brand new print cartridge.  

 Dealers looking to learn more about they can strengthen their value proposition with LMI’s latest cartridge recycling services are encouraged to contact their LMI representative or visit the LMI website to learn more.  www.lmisolutions.com



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