Konica Minolta’s Content Services Practice Announces Enhanced Offerings

Ramsey, NJ — Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc. (Konica Minolta) is pleased to announce enhanced offerings to strengthen its Business Process Outsourcing services, with a focus on Backfile Conversion, Day-forward Strategy and Digital Mail as a Service.

Now more than ever, it is critical for businesses to think ahead regarding the security, safety and access to records, and plan to build a digital strategy to have a process to digitize records, documents and archives. Should an unexpected event occur, digitization provides peace of mind for those concerned with business continuity. PwC calculated businesses that remove or reduce the paper they use can reap a 30 percent increase in productivity. While digitizing documents and other media can be a significant undertaking, greater opportunities for growth are realized through and after the digitization process.

Konica Minolta’s Business Process Outsourcing segment of its Content Services practice enables organizations to accelerate their digital transformation journey by transforming paper documents into digital information, ensuring they are protected now and in the future. The team handles scanning and planning for how to address paper, including new requirements around pre- and post-pandemic compliance. An initial assessment determines the best process to get started. Digitization is the first step to digital transformation, and unlocks greater productivity due to greater access to information and the ability to improve processes.

“In our Content Services group, we see it as no longer an option to plan to digitally evolve; we see it as a necessary evolution to stay relevant to stay in business, even if it causes some disruption,” said Ron Thompson Jr, Vice President, ECM, Konica Minolta. “After this past year and now our current year of unplanned events and a total change of how we work, I think everyone can easily identify it will be necessary to drive a digital platform and embrace the disruption.”

With many organizations now looking to change how they work, Konica Minolta took a closer look at the key services it offers to help paper-heavy organizations make a change, breaking it down into three simple, key concepts: Backfile Document Scanning, Day-Forward Document Scanning Strategy and Digital Mail as a Service (DMaaS).

Backfile Document Scanning

Backfile scanning services enables users to have greater access to the content in their records, eliminating time spent searching through paper files and saving on space where files were once stored. This presents a win-win for staff who can search for digitized documents from anywhere, and employers who do not have to pay for storage or pay their staff to waste time searching through paper.

Konica Minolta simplifies the process for SMBs with a fixed-price, pre-configured package for accounts payable, human resource, contract and public housing authority professionals looking to eliminate paper and gain a secure repository of digital documents. Starting with an assessment of a business’ media, needs, utilization of document types and how employees will use and access the content in the future, Konica Minolta customizes a digitization plan based on how each individual business operates. Digitization provides easier, secure access to information – whether it’s at the office or in a remote location – and allows employees to service their customers much faster.

Day-Forward Document Scanning

Once a client has taken the time to digitize its archives, Konica Minolta keeps the momentum going with a plan to address the daily volume of incoming documents. With a process in place that everyone follows, businesses can avoid the accumulation of paper and maintain the ability to conduct time-saving searches for information needed. Consultants develop a customized strategy to fit each company’s individual needs, which could also expand and evolve into a content strategy for capturing more information and enabling keyword searches.

Digital Mail as a Service

Critical documents for critical business tasks deserve special attention, and daily incoming mail is necessary for business continuity. DMaaS is targeted at critical operations to keep business going. Mail is routed to Konica Minolta, scanned and digitized, and securely provided back to the organization for processing. Every business that relies on processing their postal mail to obtain critical documents can reinvent their operations and avoid delays with DMaaS.

Each of the above has specific merits and will disrupt business operations temporarily, but with huge benefits in the end. This digitization must happen before digital transformation can occur. For more information, visit Konica Minolta online or contact ecminfo@kmbs.konicaminolta.us.



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