by Aaron Dyck | 3/22/16

Hiring the right sales team is the number one challenge for any business. In managed print services the turnover rate is above 50 percent, so it’s important to choose your new sales hires carefully with an eye toward the long term. Salespeople always look and sound great in interviews, but what impression will they make on your clients? What will your customers experience once they are a member of your team?

All good salespeople share a set of characteristics that help make them successful. The next time you’re interviewing to grow your sales team, keep traits like these in mind and view your potential hires in these terms.

1. Desire to Succeed

This is the most important trait of successful salespeople; it should be at the top of your hiring list. Without a desire to succeed a prospect is unlikely to be able to push through difficult times, overcome adversity and learn what’s necessary to become a top performer. Many salespeople can talk the talk in an interview, but can they walk the walk and stay focused through a long sales cycle? Without the desire to approach new customers, meet with business executives at different levels and different types of businesses they might not be a good fit.

2. C-Level Access/Prospecting Ability

Business outsourcing purchases are usually handled above the management tier in most organizations. MPS salespeople must have the ability to conduct C-level discussions about how they can help remove the burden of print from high value workers. Elite salespeople know it’s about providing solutions and speaking about business outcomes that matter to top brass, not features and details.

3. Post-Sales Quarterly Business Reviews

Because MPS is a recurring revenue model, your salesperson will need to provide ongoing support to clients including progress reviews to keep them aware of the value MPS provides. Benchmarking throughout the relationship gives both seller and buyer a common measurement of progress. Sales reps need to have experience with delivering account reviews; unfortunately, most don’t. This level of service is especially important when selling an outsourced solution like MPS.

These qualities are important in both new hires and your existing team. These are learnable skills that can improve your team’s effectiveness.

Aaron Dyck of Digitek is passionate about helping business owners to increase profitable revenue by leveraging the right technologies and best practices across the solutions sales cycle. Well-known in the industry for over a decade, Aaron works with independent dealers and large organizations across North America. He was recognized as an elite Young Influencer by the Cannata Report for the office equipment industry. Visit for more information about training solutions that will unify your sales team with valuable sales skills and increase profitable revenue for your organization.

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