Matthew SmithIn late May, Samsung Electronics America announced that Matthew Smith was joining the company as a member of the Enterprise Business Division leadership team, responsible for managing B2B sales, fostering channel relationships and driving market share growth for the Samsung print business. We had a few questions for him as he embarks on this endeavor. 

What is your current state of mind? 

Optimistic. Samsung is No. 2 in worldwide print and is the leader in connected devices. Our core technology, engineering talent and focus will allow us to deliver innovative print solutions around connected devices.

What is the greatest challenge you face today?

Stagnation. Today’s IT market is significantly different than that of two or three years ago, but people don’t want to change or don’t know how to change. It will take vision, innovation and talent to meet the needs and wants of end users. End users want to be connected anytime and anywhere, whether it’s via a smartphone, tablet, large-format display or, of course, print.

What do you see as your biggest opportunity?

Innovation in a market that people see as flat to declining. Samsung has a vision of bringing smarter, more flexible solutions to the print market, which will be disruptive. 

What qualities do you look for when making new hires?

Passion and grit. 

What would you consider your greatest achievement?

Personally, my greatest achievement is an incredible marriage with two talented children. My relationship with my wife and two kids is my most prized achievement. Professionally, I always work best with teams. My team’s greatest achievement has been a shift in the sales and marketing organization to look at thousands of unique accounts versus a broad segment of businesses with common traits. Businesses all want a unique and personal approach, so enabling this model is a huge achievement.

If your customers were to describe your company in three words, what would they be?

Connected, innovative, stealthy

Managed print services, managed services, or document management?

YES to all. In the end, people want managed services for all their devices that seamlessly work together like they want them to. This is unique for every individual so requires a smarter approach to managed print and managed workflow.

Where are you investing the most within your company this year?

New products. We have several new products in the pipeline that will extend our addressable markets.

What is your greatest concern for this industry?

The perception that print doesn’t matter. Everyone prints and enjoys great experiences in print, but people won’t admit how important it is to them.

How would your employees and co-workers describe you?

A passionate thinker with a “git ‘r done” attitude.

Who are your favorite writers?

Non-fiction: I was inspired by former Intel CEO Andy Grove’s “Swimming Across” and “High Output Management.” As an engineer and business person, he is a role model. Fiction: Dan Brown. I love the way he mixes facts and fiction, making you question what is truth versus fiction.

Which words or phrases do you most overuse?

“Why?” and “Let’s break it down.” 

Why do you hold your current business position today?

L3 = Life Long Learner. I love learning new things, meeting new people and trying things. I do over 1,500 minutes per month in learning new and interesting things. 

Do trends exist in this industry?

Printing pages is down, workflow solutions are up.

Who is your next hire?

More solutions people focused on connected devices.

What is your favorite quote?

“If we get better, our customers will demand that we get bigger!” 

On the Web: Samsung Electronics America Enterprise Business Division  



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