End User Snapshot 5: Which Age Groups Print More?

How working from home during the pandemic has affected printing and copying habits, by age group.

We asked workers how their printing and copying habits changed due to being forced to work from home over the last year, and then examined whether that answer changed depending on respondents’ ages. 70% of millennials said they printed or copied more, or at least the same amount at home during the pandemic than when in the office. That’s higher than either Generation Z, which is the generation behind them, or the 45-and-up age group, which includes Generation X and baby boomers.

While conventional wisdom has been that millennials are more digitally native and non-print focused than previous generations, the differences between generations, especially in the “never use a printer or copier in the office or home” group, could be due to the position a person has at a company, with Gen X and boomers occupying more of the C-level positions than the millennials or Gen Z.

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