End User Snapshot 20: What Size Companies Expect Employees Back in the Office?

EUS work from home

As companies begin to reopen from the pandemic, only about a third of employees expect their companies to have all employees come back into the office, with almost 60% telling us they expect to continue to work from home in some fashion. But almost half of owners and CEOs are expecting all employees back in the office, with only 43% expecting to allow a hybrid approach — employees working some days in the office and some days from home. Today we look at whether different sizes of businesses have different expectations in this area.

What we found is that for the most part those business that have less than 10,000 employees mirror the general expectations of the survey group. Surprisingly, a lower percentage of those with 10,000 employees or more expect all employees to be back in the office or have communicated that they will allow a hybrid approach. While some folks from all sizes of companies told us they still did not know what their companies expectations were, a higher percentage of those in the very large companies were “still in the dark” about their company’s direction.

When it comes to the hybrid approach anywhere from 36 to 49% of survey takers expect to continue to be able to work from home two or more days per week.

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