End User Snapshot 20: Owner and CEO Attitudes Toward WFH

EU snapshot CEO Owner WFH

We got interesting responses from owners and CEOs to the question “What is your employer’s attitude toward letting you continue to work from home once all employees can safely return to the office?”

46% of owners and CEOs say they expect all employees to return to the office. This is significantly different from the 33% of middle management and general staff who expect to be back full-time in the office.

43% said they expect a hybrid approach will be implemented, with workers in the office some days and working from home others. Again, this is significantly different from the 53% of the workforce who are expecting a more flexible hybrid approach.

A small percentage of owners/CEOs see the hybrid worker working from home one day a week, while just a few more expect two or three days per week for work from home. About a quarter expect workers to work from home and only come into the office when necessary.

About 7% don’t know what the final expectations are.

Watch the video to learn more.