End User Snapshot 1: Print is Still Important

print is still important

How important or unimportant to your job is using a printer or copier to print or copy documents?

Almost half (48%) of respondents said using a printer or copier was very important to their job while 28% said it was somewhat important. Only 8% said using a printer or copier was not important at all. The other 16% said it was neither important or unimportant (13%) or somewhat unimportant (3%).

More than three-quarters of the respondents (76%) still view printing and copying as important in helping them do their jobs. This can be viewed as good news for the imaging channel. However, almost a quarter seem to indicate that printing and copying is unimportant or not important at all in doing their jobs. This is surely a reflection of the digital transformation going on in business as paper workflows move to digital workflows. We anticipate this divide will continue to grow.

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