Compass Sales Solutions HubSpot API Integration Pulls HubSpot Leads into Sherpa

Boise, Idaho (January 2019) – Compass Sales Solutions, the industry leader in sales opportunity software, is excited to continue offering their enhanced API integration with HubSpot. This integration allows for an at-a-glance HubSpot Lead generator view directly on your Sherpa Dashboard.

Sherpa’s API integration with HubSpot allows sales teams to maximize their marketing strategies by pulling in leads from HubSpot directly to your Sherpa Dashboard view. This integration works with the full CRM version of HubSpot and provides the user complete control of the leads being generated, keeping Sherpa up to date with information entered in HubSpot and eliminating the need to enter data in multiple systems.

Users can review HubSpot leads to determine what is a valid or invalid lead, quickly and easily create activities from any of the valid leads without jumbling their Sherpa activity list with dead ends. If you determine, the lead is not a valid lead you will have the option to remove it from your Dashboards view or as a generated current lead inside the HubSpot Lead. If you have a lead where the account is not found in Sherpa, you can do a quick account add that pre-populates the lead information for you.

Tami Dittemore, VP of Operations with Compass Sales Solutions says, “HubSpot’s integration provides great time-saving features for sales reps. As leads come through your website, HubSpot pushes them directly into Sherpa for the sales rep to pursue. Streamlining incoming website leads and contact information in addition to putting marketing data at your reps’ fingertips in Sherpa ensures they are making the most of their time and resources.”

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