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SMBs and Digital Transformation

oneill socialby Tom O’Neill for The Imaging Channel

A new age of managing business information and business processes began in 1981 with the introduction of the IBM PC (personal computer). As the first desktop computer system designed for an individual (and with the subsequent software that became available) it revolutionized how information was created and processed in business. Computing power was no longer limited to large enterprises but could be acquired and used by small and midsize businesses (SMBs) to improve their productivity and competitiveness. One could say that digital transformation of SMBs began 37 years ago. 


An Afternoon With Smile Business Products
Patricia Ames

by Patricia Ames  Success in the public sector is no easy task, and if you are not a sizable organization, selling in to those environments becomes even more challenging. Recently Joe Reeves of Smile Business Products in Sacramento opened the doors...

Thoughts From Print 18
Ken Edmonds

by Ken Edmonds   I recently had the privilege of spending two days at the PRINT 18 show, and while this is not a complete review of the show, several things stuck out in my mind that I wanted to cover.

A Closer Look at HP’s Q3 Results
John McIntyre

by John McIntyre   HP’s Q3 financial report for the three months ending July 31 once again showed impressive revenue growth along with robust bottom-line earnings, and as we head into year-end, we wanted to dig back into that financial report and...