In an effort to address the highly mobile workstyle of modern workers, HP has rolled out HP Roam for Business, a transformational way to unlock all the content residing on employees’ mobile devices for quick and easy printing, wherever and whenever it’s needed.

Roam, which is a new mobile print platform, replaces dedicated PC print drivers that are installed and maintained on users’ PCs and network print servers.

Users can send print jobs from any PC or mobile phone or tablet using the HP Roam app as the destination, rather than a specific printer. When the user’s mobile device is near an HP-enabled office printer, HP Roam sends a notification that prints can be released from the cloud queue.

With Roam’s nearly-released GPS guidance in the app, workers on the road will see a map with available print locations – hotels, affiliate offices, etc. – where the print job can be completed. Users can then authenticate and release all of the selected print jobs in their queue.

Additional on-device authentication options are available to ensure the security of the content being printed. Further ensuring security, all communication across HP Roam including client-to-service and service-to-printer are secured using transport layer security version 1.2 (TLS 1.2). TLS 1.2 uses 2048-bit level RSA encryption and certificate validation to establish a subsequent 256-bit secure channel. Print jobs are encrypted at rest in the cloud and sent to the device the same process using 256-bit secure channel for printing.

Giving businesses customers the ability to securely and efficiently print jobs while on the go from any devices on any supported printer is something of a game-changer and reflects the vision behind so many of HP’s extensive investments in cloud-based document management systems and services in recent years.

The office has evolved away from cubicles and desks — most people only spend about 30% of their workday in the office at a desk. At HP, we are innovating to get content off those devices, impact workflow and enable the print jobs wherever people need to get access.

During its beta phase, HP Roam was tested extensively in the field to iron out the wrinkles and absorb feedback, perfecting it for its primetime debut. One of the clients involved in the beta was a clinician with sites around the Northwest United States that do remote patient care. Previously, they had what they called “Paperwork Friday,” which was when the staff spent the day inputting all the data collected during their calls over the course of the week. Paperwork Friday is something they’ve now all but eliminated by being able to input and complete print jobs during or after patient visits.

Before using Roam, the clinician noted that its reject rate from insurance companies was around 40%. After they were set up with Roam, tablets and wireless connectivity to do the paperwork at each visit, not only did the clinicians spend more time in the field, the reject rate dropped to 5%.

Boise, Idaho-based Emergency Responders Health Center (ERHC), a healthcare organization created to address the unique medical concerns of first responders, also got a taste of how HP Roam can improve their efficiency and better provide outpatient services for paramedics, firefighters and police.

Rather than buying new office space to provide its service, ERHC uses temporary or visiting sites close to its patients. It takes a short-term lease, brings in its medical equipment, meets with patients and conducts a variety of medical tests. Having the ability to set up all its printers and print remotely from any mobile device on the fly with HP Roam has transformed the ERHC workflow, creating a more dynamic workplace and improved patient care.

“It streamlines our processes so we give our attention to patients,” said Dr. Rob Hilvers, ERHC’s founder. “In a digital world, the goal is to be paperless. Yet paper documentation remains critical.”

Hilvers said EHRC is currently operating three of these mobile clinics, each set up two to three times a year. Along with streamlining its printing and data management processes, HP Roam ensures all this medical information is safely secured in one location and in compliance with HIPAA and HITECH requirements.

HP Roam for Business is a subscription-based service, allowing customers to choose from one-, two-, three- or four-year licenses per device with no limit on the number of users who can access the service.

Integration with Office 365 and HP ID lets customers set up individual user accounts and streamline authentication and back-end print-tracking and reporting. HP Roam Bluetooth beacon technology (BLE) is included in most HP printers and MFPs and can be enabled for existing devices through an optional accessory.

HP Roam is now available for all HP enterprise-class devices — printers, multifunction and copiers.

Michael Turner

Michael Turner

Michael Turner is the Director for the A3 Printing and Solutions Category in the HP Americas Organization. Michael has been with HP Inc. since 1995, after working as a consultant in the Management Science/Operations Research field. Since joining HP, he has contributed in roles of business strategy development, current and future product marketing, solution portfolio development, business development, alliance management and sales leadership. Michael earned an MBA from Oregon State University and a BS in Industrial Engineering, also from OSU.