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mccabe smby Patricia Ames

In this Q&A with Scott Maccabe, president and CEO, Toshiba America Business Solutions and Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions, Maccabe talks acquisitions, big data and what’s in store for 2018.

Epson smby Larry Trevarthen, Epson America

The average SMB faces a number of challenges when it comes to marketing their business, including the requirement to develop a strong brand presence to attract customers, and be mindful of how they’re presenting themselves to and interacting with existing customers. While marketers today are focusing a lot of attention on online marketing, clearly printed marketing materials play a significant role in helping a business stand out from the competition. 

Konica smby Laura Blackmer, Konica Minolta Business Solutions USA

For many years, the office automation dealer sales channel successfully sold its goods via product specifications and price. Today, however, that same channel faces radically different customer expectations that are significantly bigger and must be met — or no deal.

xerox smby Leah Quesada, Xerox

Leveraging marketing trends for growth is arguably more complicated than ever before, thanks to the explosion of technologies and tools for publishing, measuring, and pushing brand messaging online. And the impact of this technology is clear – a recent Gartner report indicates that by 2019, 20 percent of brands will have abandoned their mobile apps. By 2020, ad blocking will increase advertising effectiveness by 50 percent as consumers use these tools to communicate preferences and 100 million consumers will shop in augmented reality.

GAFS smby Arial Harland, PathShare HR Services

You’ve heard of the benefits of a strong, positive organizational culture well aligned with your business plan. Plow in hand, you’re now ready to begin the good work of cultivating your own culture, to begin reaping the benefits of happier, more productive employees. But, looking around your organizational landscape, you wonder, “Where do I even start?” The key to using this powerful aspect of your business to garner motivation and retention of internal talent, while also driving business performance, is an understanding of how to take a focused, systematic approach. After all, no fruitful garden happens overnight or without a little perspiration! 

Roderick smby Brad Roderick, TonerCycle/InkCycle

In that odd span of time between Christmas and New Year’s, — a time that one friend suggests doesn’t exist, as no one is quite certain what day it is — my innate weirdness again turns to an almost compulsive need for lists.

Lyles smby Logan Lyles, Frontier Business Products

“I don’t think we need that,” my customer replied. We had just finished describing the automation our scanning software could provide to her company, but the customer wasn’t connecting the dots. Or — let me rephrase that: We weren’t connecting the dots well enough for her. It is, after all, our job to communicate the value of our solutions to our customers.

channel chat2018Sales and marketing: It’s not what it used to be. While some things remain the same, new technologies are constantly changing the way we do things. We talked to some experts in both fields to find out what you need to know when it comes to sales and marketing in 2018.