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Capture Software: Eating the Elephant in Three Bites

Stewartby Ken Stewart for The Imaging Channel

When you think of “capture,” what comes to mind? Was your first thought about scanning a piece of paper, or even an electronic file cabinet? You wouldn’t be alone in your thinking. However, the world of capture has expanded well beyond this one aspect in the last two decades. By necessity, you now have to consider all manner of digital content beyond even electronic documents, and think about emails, voice recordings, videos, and social media content. It’s no longer enough to think about capture as an on-ramp to some nebulous information superhighway.


The Path to Quality
Ken Bechard

by Ken Bechard | 08-22-2016 Quality document processing is not as simple as pushing the print or scan button or fixating on ensuring that each project meets production standards. This narrow focus can have the reverse impact on quality, leading organizations to miss the mark. What...

Canon’s Holistic Approach Extends Beyond Products
Amy Weiss

by Amy Weiss | 08-17-2016 Canon U.S.A. recently invited industry analysts to a two-day event at its Melville, New York, headquarters to preview its vision for the future, its current offerings, and its new company structure. The same week, the firm issued a slew of new...

Is Hardware Limiting Your Sales?
Christina Robbins

by Christina Robbins | 08-09-2016 Sometimes imaging resellers only think about selling hardware, but a simple shift in thinking helps to increase the size of each sale leading to business growth. Rather than simply considering which scanner a customer needs, think about the larger...