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Channel Chat: Best Practices in Sales and Marketing

channelchatWhat do the experts find to be sales and marketing best practices? We decided to find out by asking a few questions of some industry leaders. The answers, like our panelists, are diverse, surprising and informative.

Content Marketing: The Must-Have Marketing Tool

Marketing, like any dynamic component of the business world, evolves with the times. In a definition adopted in 2013, the American Marketing Association says it is “… the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.”


Are You and Your Account Aligned?

As an industry we are really very good at understanding the internal metrics that lead to a well-run business and thus profitability. But what about the customers and their metrics … what are the metrics for measuring our performance against the expectations of the customer?


Thumbnail by Amy Weiss | 5/24/16 Here’s a fact: You’re not going to attend a dealer meeting and hear doom and gloom, negative stories and “we are not launching any new products this year.” Dealer meetings are, by nature, positive, exciting, and full of new...
Thumbnail by Patricia Ames | 5/23/16 Mohan Sethi is the inventor and founder behind Collabtic, a new collaboration platform for service technicians in the printing and imaging industry. Sethi is not new to the game; his career has been focused on field...
Thumbnail by Aaron Dyck | 5/16/16 Knowing where to find your audience is key to making that important connection with your prospect. More and more of today's buyers can be found online, making digital marketing the most relevant method of promoting B2B...
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