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Of Zombies and Butterflies: The Need for Channel Diversification

Anybody who watches “The Walking Dead” understands that transformations aren’t always fun, nor do they always result in something better than the original product. The converse, however, can also be experienced. Anybody who has ever seen a butterfly understands that transformation and diversification can be life-altering and beautiful in all the right ways.


Channel Evolution, Channel Opportunities: A Guide to Going Paperless

bobIt is generally understood by the business world that going paperless plays an integral role in reducing costs and improving services. However, it is important to note that becoming paperless should not be the main focus. Instead, the ultimate objective is to optimize processes – and eliminating paper is the first step in doing so.


Using LinkedIn to Gain Trust and Attract Leads

In our last article, we focused on your prospects and their preferred new language — digital. Now, let’s discover how to take that freshly polished LinkedIn profile and successfully generate qualified leads.



Ricoh, MFPs Help 'Save the Memory' for Victims of Japanese Disaster

by Jim Lyons | 4/2/15

Earlier this March (2015) I received an email about an uplifting story from Japan involving one of our industry leaders, Ricoh, and its efforts to help earthquake and tsunami victims recover their photos lost amidst the horrible disaster that occurred four years…

The Great Managed IT Services Race

by Jake Fishman | 4/1/15

Three months and two national dealer meetings into 2015 and it’s clear that one of the greatest trends taking place in the MFP industry has almost nothing to do with imaging equipment or the printed page. Like never before, MFP manufacturers and dealers are…

The Billion-Dollar Question: Will Lexmark's $1B Kofax Acquisition Work?

by Kevin Craine | 3/25/15

Mergers and acquisitions are rampant in the tech world, and another big one was announced yesterday. Lexmark and Kofax announced that the two companies have entered into a merger agreement in which Lexmark will acquire Kofax for a total enterprise value of…




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