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People: The Driver for the Future of MPS

bobWith major computing trends today’s norm – Mobile, Internet of Things, Big Data – it’s hard to imagine the Managed Print Services (MPS) of the past. Over the past 15 years, the MPS market has changed dramatically from the number and types of vendors who offered MPS to how those vendors systematically removed the human element from MPS – severely hampering client relationships.


Getting Cost Information for Your Assessment When the Customer Says ‘No’

I’ve trained a lot of sales reps over the years in the art and science of conducting assessments. One of the biggest complaints I’ve heard from my students is how hard it is to get any real cost information when you’re doing an assessment. The worst part is that real cost information has such a huge impact on whether or not a customer will buy into the results of your completed assessment.


Despite Declines, OEMs Hunt for Opportunities In Lower-Market Tiers During 2014

While some higher-tier market segments have snapped back to life since the recession, the low end of the market has never fully recovered, and it’s doubtful it ever will. Despite the ongoing and significant declines in the SOHO market, hardware manufacturers remain dedicated to the space. They demonstrated their dedication throughout 2014 with new product introductions. Regardless if the device was based on inkjet or electrophotographic technology, a flock of new lower-end machines hit the market last year from a variety of vendors.



Music and Laughter at the Konica Minolta Dealer Event

by Patricia Ames | 2/27/15

I can’t remember a time when I have returned from an OEM dealer event where the two biggest impressions left with me were music and laughter. But it just happened at the recent Konica Minolta event. That says a lot about a company that is also absolutely serious…

HP Alums Take On 3D Printing World

by Jim Lyons | 2/26/15

This month, I had the chance to visit and follow-up with a new 3D printing business in my local area, Intermountain 3D, owned and operated by long-time friends and fellow HP alums Lynn and Brian Hoffmann. And I want to again share a little of what I have been…

Ground-Breaking Partnership Between KMBS and MWAi Signals New Era for Imaging Channel

by Robert Palmer | 2/19/15

On February 17, MWA Intelligence Inc. announced that it has formed a strategic alliance with Konica Minolta Business Solutions (KMBS). As part of the alliance, the two firms will offer MWAi’s FORZA platform to dealers and other providers in the imaging channel.…




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