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Best Practices for Assessing Your Customers’ Printing Needs

One of the most reliable ways to ensure a long, successful and mutually beneficial customer relationship is to provide offerings and services that scale to fit each customer’s needs. By serving customers well and generating a relationship built on trust, your business will be rewarded with steady profits over time. A key first step to creating this type of mutually beneficial relationship is assessing the business needs of your customer.


Adopt Corporate Social Responsibility and Adopt More Customers

As businesses become more conscientious about how to contribute to the common good, corporate social responsibility (CSR) best practices make their way into the conversation. It is time to unpack the highly popular term “CSR” and understand where best practices are headed, how they’re evolving, why CSR is growing in popularity, and perhaps most importantly, how it benefits customers in the imaging industry.


Who’s Winning, Who’s Losing as Demand For Color Keeps Growing?

bob Ask a printer-industry geek “What’s hot right now?” and the answer will be “Color.” Or, at least it should be. After all, the low-hanging fruit for MPS practitioners is now as abundant as water in a California reservoir and the 3D market is as far away from maturation as I am. But while growth in 3D and MPS rises and falls, respectively, the market for color devices is looking pretty good at present.


Turn Your Tablet Into a Customizable User Interface With Ricoh’s New A3-Size MFPs

by Robert Palmer | 11/25/14

On November 19, Ricoh launched a new line of A3-size monochrome MFPs aimed at mid-to-large-size workgroups. What sets these new machines apart from other Ricoh MFPs, and indeed most competitive products, is the ability to control the device directly from a smart…

While I Was Away ...

by Jim Lyons | 11/25/14

I spent the end of October and the beginning of November away. I was off on a long-planned, once-postponed vacation/exploration, going to places I had never been before, seeing some sights I had always wanted to see, and doing it all with a group of family…

ECS: Talk Tracks Equal Soundtracks

by Patricia Ames | 11/3/14

I had the opportunity to attend the Executive Connection Summit in Scottsdale this past week, which was hosted by Technology United – a unique consortium of solution providers in the imaging channel. As if setting the tone, that unique quality permeated the entire…

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