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Are Business Inkjet and the SMB the Perfect Match?

Epson 150By Larry Trevarthen, Epson America

The small-to-medium business (SMB) market has provided a large, yet complicated opportunity for dealers and vendors. The SMB segment has more diverse needs and less infrastructure support compared to the large enterprise segment, and therefore requires more support from their vendor partners. While SMB customers can be more agile in their decision making due to their smaller size, technology implementations can be time consuming due to the level of assistance required. Therefore, it is critical for SMBs to develop strong channel relationships to find a solution customized for their needs. 


Moving Toward End-to-End CCM Solutions: Creating a Seamless Customer Experience with Communications is More Crucial Than Ever
Ken Bechard

by Ken Bechard | 07-10-2017 For a long time, when considering customer communications, the enterprise was calling the shots. But whether it was the impeccable customer service of giant companies like Amazon, or a more general democratization of information, consumers are more in...

HP: Live from Palo Alto
Patricia Ames

by Patricia Ames | 07-06-2017 In mid-June, HP hosted analysts for the company’s “Power of Print” briefing at their headquarters in Palo Alto, California. In a compact day and a half, discussions touched on the company's growth ambitions in the office printing space, security,...

BTA Events Are Fun. Seriously
Amy Weiss

by Amy Weiss | 06-27-2017 Have you ever spoken the words “BTA meeting,” and “I laughed so hard I cried” in the same sentence? If you think I’m crazy for even asking that question, you probably weren’t at the BTA Spring Break event in Orlando earlier this year.