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Outsourcing Document Archiving and Storage Solves Expensive Headaches for SMBs

documentsCan’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em – the documents and records your business runs on and the need to process, store, and archive those documents and records for a variety of different reasons. While small businesses have been quick to embrace digital technologies to reduce costs, speed up business processes, accomplish more with less, and meet the digital communications requirements placed on them by customers and regulators, many have a dark shadow lurking over their operations: thousands of archived pages of paper files and their continued reliance on those archives for many business transactions.

Delivering Multichannel Support to the SMB Customer

It’s time to get serious about your small and medium sized business (SMB) customers. You closed the initial sale – great – but it shouldn’t end there. SMB customers are frequently looking for that differentiator that will allow them to compete in a larger marketplace. Providing continuous support to SMB purchasers will have a tremendous impact on their overall business strategy, while encouraging additional sales opportunities for your company. By helping the SMB customer find ways to operate more efficiently, they can free up resources that will provide them with the edge they’re looking for. To maximize success in the SMB market, consider the following four areas of support:


Questions Small Businesses Should Ask When Selecting Printers

It’s often referred to as the rule of three — the principle that suggests that things that come in threes are more compelling, satisfying or effective. Whether we realize it or not, many people, when given three choices, have been conditioned to believe the one in the middle is often the best. Technology vendors keyed into this rule long ago, and it’s become almost standard practice to bundle products and services into three simple groups: good, better and best. Guess which one is most popular? The middle one. Most of us look at the entry level, good package and decide it’s simply too basic. And because we’re always trying to curb spending, the high-end, or best choice could be more than we need. But that one in the middle? It often looks just right.


Thumbnail by John McIntyre | 6/23/16 On June 21, HP Inc., in what the company billed as an “Update [to] Its Printing Sales Model,” announced that it was taking a charge of $225M in both Q3 and Q4 of this year – about $450M in total – that reflects a move to...
Thumbnail by Eric Stavola | 6/22/16 Ever do as I do and Google nonsense late into the night? Recently I was late-night Googling and came across an article that stated Fortune magazine released its first list of top 500 companies in 1955, and of that list of 500...
Thumbnail by Patricia Ames | 6/20/16 Lexmark unveiled a slew of new equipment at their recent dealer event in Ft. Lauderdale , FL and showcased an impressive array of workflow solutions from their Kofax and Readsoft brands. If you’d like to read more about...
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