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Matching Market and Customer to Find Sales and Marketing Success

It’s tough to impart any current best practices for sales and marketing without first providing a refresher on the foundations that are timeless and essential for any sales rep or marketer. For a product to be successful it has to find market fit. For a solution to be successful it has to fit the customer’s need, specifically meeting their goals. It’s the job and responsibility for sales management and marketing leadership to ensure they develop best practices to match products and solutions with market and customer. Failure to do so can only mean reduced sales and lost market share. The ability to do so means more sales and increased market share.


What Does Your Training Regimen Look Like?

What is the top sales challenge in 2015? According to a recent report by the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP), “training and development” once again gets the nod as the biggest challenge. “Competencies around solution selling, communications, virtual presentations, negotiating, closing and the like … training to these skills remains the number one priority,” states the report.


Finding Your Perfect Mate With A Service Call

Managed print services, when you think about it, is becoming less and less about print management and more about service. Customers are looking to extract additional value out of their existing fleet investment with improved workflows. The channel is looking to offer value-added solutions alongside hardware as a way to expand their businesses. It sounds like a match made in heaven; however selling software and services requires a different approach.



The Prehistoric Days of Document Outsourcing

by Toni DuGal | 6/29/15

Before the age of software-as-a-service (SaaS), automation, mobile and analytics – the drivers behind the evolution of the document outsourcing industry – the market was radically different. In looking back at the space, which was characterized by siloed workflows,…

gap intelligence Partners With Perform IT to Launch MPS Sales Automation Tool

by Robert Palmer | 6/26/15

On June 23, market research firm gap intelligence announced that it is partnering with Europe-based perform IT to offer its MPS sales automation tool in the United States. The U.S. version, marketed under the brand name “SalesDrive powered by gap intelligence,”…

Jim Lyons Observations: Summer Reading – Farming and Hunting

by Jim Lyons | 6/25/15

Though it was a very warm spring where I live, I perhaps jumped the gun a bit with my “summer recipes” column. But as of a few days ago it is now finally, officially summer! And that means, it’s time for summer reading to begin in earnest. The typical “beach books”…




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